Aloe Vera - the green queen in natural cosmetics

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Aloe Vera production is one of the largest botanical industries worldwide. And it is for a reason that we also chose it as a main ingredient for our 5 Seasons formula at SolBeat. T
he benefits of this green natural remedy are countless, however, we will share with you the ones, we believe your skin and hair would truly appreciate to know.


Minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium and potassium are found in Aloe Vera. Those substances are essential for the proper metabolic systems and are keeping your skin and hair fresh, and glowing.


Helps to reduce skin inflammation and irritations, which makes it very suitable for problematic and acne prone skin treatments.


A, C and E and also vitamin B12, folic acid and choline, all of which are neutralising free radicals, meaning they are protecting your skin from premature ageing.


Auxins and gibberellins are found in Aloe and help with healing wounds and have anti-inflammatory properties, making the plant a great choice for after sun treatment.


Providing antibacterial and antivirals properties, which assist you to recover faster upon leaving the tattoo studio or a cosmetic saloon.

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